Frequently asked questions

What are the minimum system requirements to run PokerAid?

It really depends on how big database you're going to build. It will take approximately 1GB disk space for each 400k hands imported. Most few years old PCs should have no problem running PokerAid with few million hands. Recommended systems are Windows7/8/10, which were tested, but the app may work on other systems as well.

Is PokerAid available for Mac or Linux?

Currently it is not. We support Windows 7/8 and 10.

How to configure application?

After installation you have to register an account (you may register also through website).
When you log into desktop app it should pop up settings window for you where you can set directories where you store hand history - by default, the app will search for hand history files in common locations.
...and that's it, just push the "Analyze" button and let the app find your leaks.

How to configure PokerStars client?

Firstly, check if you have enabled saving hand history like on the image below. Secondly, set language to "English" and apply changes.

PokerStars settings

Same thing about tournament summary - enable it and set language to "English".

PokerStars settings

How to configure Partypoker client?

Make sure you have enabled storing hand history logs like on the image below.

Partypoker settings

Which poker sites does PokerAid support?

Currently app supports PokerStars and Partypoker hand history format in english language. Please contact us if you wish to analyze other rooms hand history.

PokerAid beta limitations

In beta version you have access to analyze your game in comparison to profitable regular players game. App will recognize your leaks and present them with appropriate level of detail. Your game will also be rated broken down by few categories. Please be aware that this is beta version and we're still working on improving results precision.

When will be full version available?

Full version will contain analyses like poker myths buster, multiplier luck meter and many more interesting stats and visualizations. Expect full version at the beginning of 2018.